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Install SeaMonkey on Ubuntu 13.04

SeaMonkey Posted on 2013-04-29 21:04:46

Yesterday, I decided to try Ubuntu 13.04. I’m still using Ubuntu 11.04 as my daily OS but some apps begin to be quite outdated.

I was shocked to discover that SeaMonkey could not be found in the main depots. It seems that it was removed in Ubuntu 12.04. smiley

To get the latest versions on Ubuntu 12.04, I’m using Joe Lesko’s PPA. But he doesn’t provide a package for Ubuntu 13.04 yet.

Fortunately, an up-to-date SeaMonkey package is available in Ubuntuzilla depot:

To install, type the following commands in a terminal:

echo -e “\ndeb all main” | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list > /dev/null

sudo apt-key adv –recv-keys –keyserver C1289A29

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install seamonkey-mozilla-build


More info:

I really hope that someone will step up to maintain this high profile software in an official Ubuntu depot so it appears in the Ubuntu Software Center. I wish I had the time to do it… but my current job and extra activities don’t leave me enough time. smiley

Oh by the way, it’s been 3 years since the last update. I’ll update this blog more often. Promise. smiley

Pidgin can’t connect to ICQ account

Ubuntu Posted on 2010-11-23 22:22:21

If you use Pidgin and get an error like “Received unexpected response from“, just untick “Use SSL” in Advanced options of your ICQ account.

Play movie DVDs in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Posted on 2010-06-08 14:23:06

In order to play some commercial DVDs in Ubuntu, you have to install libdvdcss.

just run these commands in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

That’s it, enjoy your movies!!! smiley

It works in Ubuntu 10.04 and 9.10.

ubuntu-restricted-extras package installs various audio codecs (including MP3 playback/encoding support), Microsoft fonts, Java runtime, Flash plugin and Lame.
If DVD playback is the only feature you need, you can just install libdvdread with this command:
sudo apt-get install libdvdread4
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

SeaMonkey 2 crashes on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Ubuntu Posted on 2010-06-01 22:18:22

If you’re running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with SeaMonkey 2.0.4 installed from the Ubuntu repositories, chances are that SM crashes often.

The problem is known, it’s said it’s because there are incompatibilities between xulrunner 1.9.1 apps and libcairo 1.8.10.

I think that the problem could be that SeaMonkey 2.0.4 is designed for xulrunner and that xulrunner version installed on Ubuntu 10.04 is (which is the one used by Firefox 3.6.3).

Hopefully SeaMonkey 2.0.5 which will be released very soon will use the same xulrunner version as Firefox…

Meanwhile, you can install and use SeaMonkey 2.0.4 version from Joe Lesko’s PPA (we already talked about that earlier):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:seamonkey2/seamonkey2
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install seamonkey2

Happy surfing! smiley

Old ATI Radeon on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Ubuntu Posted on 2010-05-19 15:49:37

Ok, I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Well, “mostly” a fresh install since I only formatted the root partition and kept my /home partition. So I booted the new Ubuntu using my old profile.

So I’m still using my old desktop prefs.

On first boot, everything is fine, I still have my Compiz Cube, only the SeaMonkey icon is broken BUT my eyes hurt… the (CRT) screen is at 60 Hz refresh rate!

I check the available resolutions, all other resolution (including bigger ones) offer several refresh rates except for 1280×960 which is locked to 60Hz… No luck, that’s my favorite.

Ok, so I go to /etc/X11, looking for xorg.conf file. There’s none.

Ok, then I copy my backed up xorg.conf containing my custom ‘1280x960_80.00’ modeline to /etc/X11/.

I restart X and… no more flickering, the screen is clocked at 80Hz. But… visual effects are disabled… no more desktop cube!

I try to re-enable them, it doesn’t work.

Worse, OpenGL apps seg fault and Compiz doesn’t start.


I check for… There’re two of them, one in /usr/mesa and the other in /usr/fglrx…

Since my ATI is a Radeon X1600 XT (RV530 chipset), it’s not supported by ATI anymore so I’m using the GLX driver, not the FGLRX…

I specify it in xorg.conf and tell him to use ati driver (I also tried radeon and radeonhd). No change!

So I launch Synaptic and remove all fglrx packages (fglrx, xorg-driver-fglrx, fglrx-modaliases), and set xserver-xorg-video-radeon to “reinstall”.

After that, I restart the computer and guess what? Everything works wonderfully!!! (I’m still using my custom xorg.conf to avoid the 60Hz problem but it only features monitor and screen sections)

I got flicker-less picture and visual effects enabled with 3D acceleration.

So if you have Compiz problems with an old ATI Radeon video card, uninstall the fglrx packages! smiley

By the way, you can also do it command-line style:
sudo apt-get purge fglrx xorg-driver-fglrx fglrx-modaliases
sudo apt-get install –reinstall xserver-xorg-video-radeon

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Ubuntu Posted on 2010-05-03 21:38:25

Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 is out four days ago. It’s an LTS (Long Time Support) release. It means 3 years of updates/support for the desktop edition and 5 years for the server edition.

It’s difficult to find reviews of the final version (most of them are of alpha or beta versions).

But I managed to come across a couple of them:
– Linux Action Show (video):
IT News Today:
Desktop Linux Reviews:

Here are the torrents:
Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop 32-bit
Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop 64-bit
Ubuntu 10.04 Server 32-bit
Ubuntu 10.04 Server 64-bit
Ubuntu 10.04 Alternate 32-bit
Ubuntu 10.04 Alternate 64-bit

64-bit for 64-bit processors, most (if not all) multi core CPUs support 64-bit instructions (be it Intel or AMD).

32-bit for older processors (Pentium III, Athlon XP, most Pentium 4).

Desktop: Most people want this. Version for daily workstation use.
Server: no graphical user interface installed by default, strictly for server use.
Alternate: Used to upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 or 9.10.

Alternatively, you can order a free CD at

I did only launch the live CD once and have yet to upgrade so I can’t share my impressions now… My thoughts in the forthcoming days…

EAG 2010 report

Games Posted on 2010-02-16 13:09:59

Sorting all pictures from the show was quick… But selecting them, resizing them then commenting and translating text from French to English took lots of time.

Whatever, our annual London trade show report is online, this time with EAG instead of ATEI: (French language) (English language)

Enjoy! smiley

Solution to missing text in PDF documents

Ubuntu Posted on 2010-02-02 22:25:43

If you’re using Evince (aka Document Viewer) which is the default PDF viewer in Ubuntu, you might have seen that sometimes, some text is missing in PDF documents (especially Japanese fonts but not only).

Here’s the solution: install poppler-data package.

open a terminal and enter the following command (or use Synaptics):
sudo apt-get install poppler-data
Press enter and that’s all (note you that you must have multiverse repository enabled).

Now you can enjoy the full content of your PDF documents!!! 😀

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