This article explains how to add a Gmail mailbox to SeaMonkey Mail (version used: SeaMonkey 1.1).

First, you need to subscribe for a Gmail account:

Once done, launch SeaMonkey Mail.

Go to “Edit” > “Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings…” and click “Add Account…” button.

Choose “E-mail account” and click “Next“.

Type what you want in the “Your Name” field and enter your Gmail e-mail address (e.g. as “Email Address” then click “Next“.

Select “POP” as “incoming server type” and enter “” in the “Incoming Server” field. Click “Next“.

Type in your Gmail e-mail address as “Incoming User Name” (e.g. Click “Next“.

Type whatever you want as “Account Name” (this is the name under which your mailbox will appear in the mail program). Click “Next“.

Verify your data and click “Finish“.

Now you’re back in the “Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings” window and your Gmail account is listed among your mailboxes.

Click on “Server Settings” below your Gmail account in the list. On the right side of the window, change the “Port” to “995”.
Under “Security Settings” on the same window check “SSL“.

Now you can receive your Gmail mails directly in your mail program!

But you can’t send mails yet!

We’ll now configure the outgoing server:

In the “Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings” window, scroll down the list on the left. Last item is “Outgoing Server (SMTP)“. Click it.

Now “Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings” are displayed on the right. Click “Add…” button.
Here’re the values you need to enter here:
Description“: Gmail
Server Name“:
Port“: 587
Security and Authentication
Use name and password“: checked.
User Name“: your_gmail_email_address (e.g.
Use secure connection“: TLS checked.
Then click “OK“.

Click “OK” once more and here you are with a fully functionnal Gmail mailbox within SeaMonkey!

Now select your Gmail mailbox, click on “Get Msgs“, enter your Gmail password (I suggest you check the “Remember password” option there).

Enjoy your new mailbox!