You know what? Calendar is back!!!
Remember how handy was the calendar in Netscape Communicator 4?

You can now install the Lightning calendar as a SeaMonkey plugin:

Unfortunately, it works on 32-bit systems only. smiley

Don’t cry, a kind contributor compiled a 64-bit version: smiley

Where I worked before, we used the Netscape calendar to share plannings across employees. And I still do it with my girlfriend (using Sunbird but as we both use SeaMonkey, I guess we’ll go back to Lightning).

Sharing a calendar is easy! All you need is an FTP server.

Just create a new calendar, export it as “iCalendar (*.ics)” and upload the created ics file to the FTP.

Now in Lightning, add a new network calendar and put “” as location. That’s it!

I grant you this is not secure, but it’s really handy!!! smiley